It's Totally Unique, there's nothing else like a Ferrocell !

If you want to control the direction
of light without using mirrors

or see the vector potential
of a magnetic field in 3-D

Then you've come to the right place !



Cube magnet under Ferrocell Lens.
36 RGBW LED's around and under cell

 A normally calm sea of nano particles turns into a self-organizing,
chaotic and vibrating mass of microscopic magnetite strings when influenced by a
strong magnetic field and light.

The Ferrocell Lens is a passive device than will enhance the performance of many existing
Photonics applications and create new ones...

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Pix made using 'black hole'

Our Best Selling Demonstration Unit

100mm x 4.5mm sensitive Ferrocell
mounted in an ABS LED Ring.
NEW model for 2017
has RGBW LED's
Cell may be easily removed for use in other experiments. Bottom plate removable for 'black hole' use. Includes 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz universal Power supply, LED controller with remote and your choice of a 3/4" cube or two (2) 1" x .25" bar Neo magnets
Price: $249.90


Low cost Ultra-sensitive Microscope Slide Cell Kit. Includes storage case and cube magnet.

                  $19.90 - go to Ferrocells

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